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Baby’s belly button bleeding – Causes and Cure

Baby’s belly button bleeding
The umbilical cord is essential when the baby is still in the womb to supply nutrients. After it is born and the cord has served its purpose, it is removed by the doctors. Yet, you would notice a small portion of it on the belly of the baby. This tiny portion is the umbilical stump. 
Usually, the stump falls off by itself when the baby is growing. However, if the bleeding is 
becoming a source of stress for you, read on. 
How long is it normal for the umbilical stump to bleed? 
It is pretty usual to see bleeding after the umbilical cord falls off. Usually, it is noticed either right after or a week later than when it falls off. The chances of it increase if the stump falls off too early when it is pulled or tugged accidentally. Some amount of blood on the baby’s 
diaper or its t-shirt is a sign of the same. 
Moreover, you might also notice some little discharge after the cord falls off. It can be greenish or yellowish. Chill, it isn’t pus. It is just mucus and will continue to appear on the baby’s diaper or t-shirt for up to two weeks. It isn’t a sign of concern because it doesn’t 
indicate any infections. 
Why is your baby’s belly button bleeding? 
We can point out two causes for the same –  
It can happen right after the umbilical cord is cut off. 
It can also take place when the diaper or t-shirt accidentally rub on the baby’s belly 
button and lead to irritation. 
What should you avoid while the stump is healing? 
1.Using a diaper to cover the stump 
Most of the premium quality diapers that you will come across start a bit lower and do not cover the belly button of the baby. Yet, you should take sufficient measures on your end as well because the rubbing of the diaper can further aggravate the irritation and worsen the situation. If your diaper is covering the belly button, fold it so that it doesn’t cover the belly button or its surroundings. This practice will quicken the healing. 
2.Tying anything over the cord 
Steer away from tying anything over the cord. It can not only prevent the bleeding from drying but can also irritate the baby. Ensure that your baby is comfortable during this phase. 
3.Rubbing alcohol 
This is a strict no-no from the doctors themselves. Do not apply alcohol to that area. Keep the alcohol at a safe distance from the baby at all times unless you have substantial reasons not to do so. Alcohol delays the drying out of the cord, which is the last thing you want.
How can you treat the bleeding? 
Usually, the healthcare professionals would advise you to use a sterilized gauze pad and press it gently on the baby’s belly button. It stops the bleeding. If the bleeding continues 
even after it, consult your doctor immediately. 
Our core concern is to keep the area clean and dry unless the cord falls off. The cord doesn’t 
have any nerve ending of its own so, you don’t need to break a sweat over the baby will feel 
any pain or not. 
1.Bathing the baby 
Until the cord falls off, do not put the baby in a bathtub. You can use a damp cloth or sponge to bathe it. If there is dirt around the area of the belly button, you can wipe the area with a 
baby wipe or use mild soap and water. 
2.Frequently change the baby’s diapers. 
To avoid stool from reaching that area and causing an infection, change the baby’s diapers frequently. As mentioned earlier, make sure that the diaper doesn’t come in contact with 
the cord. 
3.Don’t go for any ties. 
The cord comes off on its own. So, there is no need to tie anything around that area. It will 
only serve to irritate the baby further and increase your problems. 
4.Be patient 
Do not try to remove the cord manually. Be patient and let nature take its course. If you try to remove the stump earlier, it can cause pain and bleeding. It can even lead to infections. 
5.Keep a check 
Despite observing the best measures, your baby might develop an infection. So, you should 
keep checking for the signs and consult the doctor if you find anything unusual. 
What are the signs of trouble? 
1.Excessive bleeding 
If the bleeding just won’t stop or if you notice more than a few drops of blood, consult your 
healthcare practitioner right away. 
2.The baby’s temperature 
Check the temperature of the area around the belly button; if it seems warmer than the surrounding area, it might be a bad sign. If your baby has a fever of over 100.4 degrees 
Fahrenheit, rush to the nearest hospital. 
Is the area around the belly button red, swollen, and blistered? Touch the belly button. Is the baby under significant discomfort? If yes, it might be a cause of worry too. 
The doctor must have specified a specific time limit for the falling off of the umbilical cord. If 
the cord doesn’t fall off within that timeframe, you should run a deeper check. 
Do you notice a pus-like or cloudy discharge from the belly button with a foul smell? Though 
some discharge is normal while the umbilical cord is separating, an excessive discharge may 
call for more medical attention. 
These tips are just a reference. If you notice any other signs of your baby being unwell, you 
should not hesitate from consulting your doctor. 
The bottom line 
Bleeding from the belly button while the umbilical cord falls off is a natural process and is not a sign of concern. Even if you notice pus-like discharge, you shouldn’t get worried provided it isn’t excessive or causing discomfort to your baby. Though it can be cured at 
home, you should consult your doctor if things seem to be going out of hand.

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