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niñio is a home grown brand that we’ve fallen in love with since its inception. Although our daughter has been predominantly breast-fed, ninio has been our next best choice ! Their wide necked nipples do away with the gassiness that most other bottles give babies.

The one ninio product that has been completely indispensable to us the past two years , is their finger brush. We’ve been using it ever since our baby started solids , and the little ones don’t necessarily need teeth for you to use this brush! The bristles are soft and are gentle on their gums and our daughter loved using it as a teether as well!

Through extensive research the niñio team has incorporated the best of the features into all their products. After using their products for 2 years now ,we can safely say that their products are definitely something moms need and babies love!

Krithika, Chennai

My son loves the niñio bottles and the bright colours are really attractive. It’s his favourite bottle! The finger brush and holder is a fantastic product that is gentle and hygienic for storage.

I had to be readmitted after giving birth due to some complications. niñio was a lifesaver as it was the only bottle we had at that point in time as were unprepared.

Janani, Singapore

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