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The journey of parenthood is incomparable and niñio is here to help you embrace it. niñio came to life when we stumbled upon a new way to cater to the needs of babies. Our only priority is the wellbeing and safety of your little ones and we truly believe that every baby is a miracle to be cherished!

Why choose EA-Free?

When it comes to caring for your little ones there can be no compromise.. niñio takes you one step closer to that goal with our range of EA-free products, to ensure nothing but the best for your baby during a vital time – feeding. Our EA-free seal ensures that our products are free of 564 harmful Estrogen Activity (EA) chemicals identified by the European Union.

Our products

Only the best for your bundle of joy. niñio is your baby’s best buddy and offers a range of products from pacifiers to baby feeding bottle and more.

Baby Feeding Bottles

niñio baby bottles are designed to meet the growing needs of your baby. Providing a feeling of serenity, these bottles remove the stress out of the process. With niñio, there is always the right solution for every need.There is nothing as precious to us as our precious newborns.

Baby Bib

Your baby’s skin deserves only the softest things. This is why niñio Bibs are the best choice. Made of 100% Organic Cotton and printed with Organic Dyes. Both the cotton and the dyes are certified Organic by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) making this Bib perfect for baby’s sensitive skin.

Baby Pacifier

Your pampered baby’s demands can be endless and tough to understand. Soothe them with niñio’s pacifier nipple. Not only can our newborn baby pacifiers suit all the growing stages of your baby, but can also be disassembled easily, enabling quick and effective cleaning. Get one for yourself in delightful colours of sunshine yellow and orange today!

Baby Finger Brush

With niñio’s finger brush, you can say goodbye to all of your teething woes. The baby finger toothbrush is 100% BPA free and is safe to bite into too. Through their free size, you can massage your baby’s gums gently. Enjoy flexibility and ultimate comfort.

Baby Teats – Pack of 2

Baby Teats

When it comes to baby teats, primary importance should be given to the one which provides your baby with the optimized amount of milk as they grow. niñio’s baby bottle teats are well crafted to mimic the feeling of a breast so that switching won’t be a hustle anymore. Happy feeding!

Baby Sippy Cup

niñio’s baby sippy cups are designed with a slightly larger opening. Be it water, milk or your beloved’s favourite soup, the same cup can be used effortlessly. We know that newborns can be messy, and thus these cups have grooves for the tiny hands of your baby. Wean your baby off teats and watch them blossom!

Sippy Cup

Hooded Towel

The niñio Towel is made of 100% Organic Cotton, certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).Bath time and Swaddle time are two of the most fun activities in a baby’s life- Bath time for giggles and Swaddle Time for a cozy and peaceful nap!

100% BPA free & EA free

100% EA-Free
100% BPA Free

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100% BPA & EA Free

What is BPA ?
BPA stands for Bisphenol A, an industrial chemical used to make plastics and resins. Research indicates that BPA can seep into food and beverages from the container. BPA, if ingested, affects the brain and endocrine activity of unborn babies, infants and children. It can also increase risk of cancer later in life.​

What is EA ?
EA stands for Estrogenic and Androgenic activity. Some chemical used in plastics pose grave harm for infants and children. They leach into food and liquids from the walls of the container. Once they enter the body, they mimic the function of the hormone Estrogen and act as endocrine disruptors. EA also leads to pituitary defects and higher risk of cancer in babies and toddlers

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