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Do Babies Need Hooded Towels?

Do Babies Need Hooded Towels

Soon after they are born, babies are usually wrapped in a blanket by the nurses to cover their bodies and heads. An uncovered head can lead to rapid loss of your child’s body heat. So, these blankets keep them snug and ensure there is no rapid drop in their temperature.

This principle is at the core of parents opting for specially designed hooded towels for their young ones. These towels are made with extra fabric that creates a hood in the corner and keeps your baby comfortable and healthy. So, if you are wondering do babies need hooded towels, then this blog is for you.

To put it simply, it is an all-around informed decision to opt for these kids-specific accessories for the tiniest members of your house. There are a number of benefits to using hooded towels for your babies, such as-

  • Hooded towels are helpful during kids’ bath time
  • You can use hooded towels to swaddle your baby
  • Cotton hooded towels are good for baby skin
  • Hooded towels dry easily

As they are susceptible to rapid mood swings, bath time is a delicate matter when dealing with a baby. However, transitioning them from the bathtub to the cosiness of the bedsheets should feel seamless for them. Hooded towels come in handy for parents in this regard. You can also rest assured of your youngsters not getting shivers and goosebumps after washing up.

10 Reasons Why Babies Need Hooded Towels

Using an adult-sized blanket to wrap your little bundle of joy might feel cumbersome. However, as baby towels help you out in getting the baby dry fast, your young one faces a lower risk of catching a cold. Moreover, a comfortable and happy baby gives new parents ample scope to bond with them. 

Moreover, these towels come in different patterns, colours and prints. These vibrant imageries are guaranteed to amuse the curious little minds. Kids love to spend time looking at exciting motifs and drawings, so towels with such embellishments will capture their attention. You might consider picking up these accessories as- 

Hooded Towels Are Helpful During Your Child’s BathTime

Many newborn babies and toddlers generally feel afraid during their bath time. The sudden change in the temperature, the feeling of floating, or the water draining sound can make them feel insecure. So, when you are washing them, make sure your little ones can feel that they are in the safest hands possible. Hooded towels are a valuable tool in this regard. The thick and fluffy nature of these towels keeps water off their head while bathing and keeps them warm afterwards. 

Ensure that you have the towel ready on the floor or change the mat before starting to bathe your kids. This way, you can immediately place your babies on it to pat them dry fast. Also, try to keep the hood in a natural position so that the baby faces zero unease while you put it on your young one. 

You Can Use Hooded Towels To Swaddle Your Baby

As a parent, you know the heavy lifting you have to do every day to put a hyper-energetic baby to sleep. The mushy natures of these towels are capable of putting your young ones at ease. So naturally, that helps in ensuring a peaceful naptime for them. 

Note that it is essential to make certain that your children feel physically safe. So, please provide them with enough neck and head support while putting them to sleep. Experts have observed that newborns feel comfortable when the feeling of warmth in the womb is replicated. Hooded towels are a great way to recreate this feeling, as mentioned above, of security.

Cotton Hooded Towels Are Good For Baby Skin

When buying new sets of hooded towels, make sure that they are cotton products. As a breathable fabric, cotton is suitable for the tender skin of your young ones. Check whether the products you buy are certified by Global Organic Textile Standard as 100% organic cotton. 

Furthermore, using chemical softeners on your baby’s clothes for a prolonged period can adversely affect their epidermis. However, as they are soft and cushy by nature, baby towels need no such additive material. Consequently, your precious ones are safe from any potential safety hazards.

Cotton fabrics also have antimicrobial elements, preventing bacteria transfer and stopping microbial colony formation. So, you can rest assured about your baby’s health while using hooded cotton towels. 

Hooded Towels Dry Easily

As cotton allows better air circulation, hooded towels made of this fabric can absorb and expel water fast from your baby’s skin when drying. In addition, these towels are stretchable by nature and do not trap moisture. Moreover, these products are hypoallergenic, so your kid doesn’t face any risk of rash or skin irritation. 

These Towels Are Easy To Wash

As their immune system has not developed yet, you should always tend infants with washed clothes. So, it is best to opt for baby products which require no special care instructions. 

During the first few months after they are born, kids usually get bathed once every week. But as they start to crawl and eventually walk, you need to draw a bath way more frequently. It is beneficial that hooded towels are easy to clean. Washing it with mild liquid soap in cold water alongside the other clothes of your baby is one simple and effective way to keep the towels fresh. 

Note that scented detergent is not a good option for your child’s skin. Alternatively, you can use wool dryer balls to keep the towels fluffy. Significantly, hooded cotton towels can sustain their softness after numerous washing cycles. 

Baby Towels Are Gentle

Made with micro-cotton fabrics, hooded towels have a nice texture and weigh significantly lighter. Additionally, their long-staple textile materials ensure that these towels always feel gentle to the babies when using them. So, you can wrap them up in these even during hair-combing or lotioning. 

Distinguished Towels Establishes A Bathing Routine

As your toddlers practise the routine chore of daily bathing, it is helpful for them if there is an assigned towel for that particular time. This is because kids get attached to the objects they spend time around, and such objects help them get familiarised with their surroundings. So, with a hooded towel that they recognise, kids will treat bathing as another activity and not as uncharted territory.

Hooded Towels Are Helpful In Playtime

When they are around 9-10 months old, babies generally become more mobile. As a result, they start crawling and try to explore new things on their own. At this age, they also enter a mischievous phase. So, when your young ones are running around playing just after a bath, you know these towels will keep them warm and secure. 

Hooded Towels Offer Proper Rest To Your Kids

Children specific accessories like these clothes are made of terrycloth with tiny loops to ensure they have a velvety surface. So, your kids stay relaxed in them during their resting hours. Consequently, as a parent, you also get proper time off to rejuvenate. 

Getting proper leisure hours is essential to creating a bond between newborns and new parents. Establishing an attachment with your kids is vital to their cognitive growth. As you cuddle with your young ones, hold them or wrap them up in a warm towel, your children gradually start to trust you. 

These Towels Come In Handy For Outings

If you are taking your youngster for an outdoor fun time like a family visit to the beach, these towels can be helpful. Wrapping them around in these soft cotton accessories, you can ensure no scope of sunburn, blister or baby acne for the little ones. These also work as a barrier to direct sunlight, so there are no adverse effects on your baby’s skin. 

So, now you have an all-inclusive guide on why do babies need hooded towels. If you and the kids prefer hooded towels over regular bath sheets, you can use these until they physically outgrow them. Remember that two to four baby towels usually suffice when ordering the products. So, go ahead and have a fun-filled time with your kids. 

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