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25 Tips for First 30 Days of Your Newborn

The first 30 days of parenting are crucial. The new parents are required to be quite alert in these days of parenting. These days will surely be the best days of your life but it comes with new challenges. And to not make you clueless we have these 25 special tips that every new parent should follow to keep their little one healthy.

  1. Careful Handling is Important

Hold your baby but carefully. Babies who have been held for more than one hour burgeon a better sleep and cry a little less. But you should remember that the neck muscle of your newborn does not develop in 30 days of birth, so you should support her/his head whenever you pick. Always hold her/his head against your shoulder when you are holding her/him.

  1. Regular Bathing and Cleaning

Always go for the products that are delicate and healthy for your baby’s skin. Every baby has different skin types so you should choose the product keeping in mind your baby’s skin requirements. Do the pat testing on yourself before buying the product. You can use the hooded towel to dry your baby’s skin. 

  1. Diaper Changing at Every Interval

Changing your baby’s diaper on a regular interval will help you to keep him/her clean. But sometimes due to diapers babies develop redness and itching. And to avoid this you should sprinkle some power to keep the area dry and baby safe.

  1. Proper Feeding is Necessary

Breastfeeding is the best way to keep your 30 days little one healthy. When you breastfeed your baby you develop a special connection with him/her. You should consult your doctor if you cannot breastfeed your baby due to some health issues.

  1. Keep a Check on the Sleeping Pattern

Newborn babies sleep a lot. They can sleep all day and wake up all night. Keeping their routine in mind you should develop a bedtime for your infant so that your baby does not sleep too much or too little.

  1. Interact With Your Baby

Whenever your baby is awake try to interact with him/her. Sing a song, make a funny face, and make him/her smile a little louder. While you are playing and interacting with your baby try to keep him/her on their tummies to gain strength.

  1. Place the crib in a Safer Location

Place your baby’s crib in a safer location, away from windows and tables. Avoid putting lots of toys inside your baby’s crib. Keep a keen eye on your baby’s crib as infants can squirrel and wiggle. It’s better to be alert to avoid any mishappening.

  1. Adequate Care is Important

Keep your baby away from any ill or infected person as babies attract infections too quickly. Sanitize your hands each time before holding, feeding, or playing with your baby. Go for the proper baby vaccination as soon as the baby is born.

  1. Keep a Regular Contact With Your Doctor

There are times when you become clueless about your baby’s activities. And in such a situation keeping regular contact with your doctor can be beneficial. Ask your doctor to provide a proper day and night routine for your baby. 

  1. Keep Your Baby Away from Your Daily Essentials

Try to keep your essentials like your makeup products or sprays far away from your baby. These products are harsh and can develop unconsciousness for the newborn.

  1. Don’t Play Music While Your Baby is Sleeping

Playing music can disturb your child’s sleep and they will become irritable. Try to keep the environment calmer when your baby is sleeping. A peaceful environment is an ideal environment for the newborn.

  1. Put Layers on the Crib

Never put your baby directly on the crib. Use two to three layers of a bedsheet on the crib so that the newborn doesn’t hurt himself/herself. Choosing layers for the crib is always a safer choice.

  1. Choose Comfortable Clothes

Choose comfortable and gentle clothes for your newborn. It is advised to not go for fancy clothing in the first 30 days. Choose clothes in light and pleasant colors. Don’t go for blacks and browns. 

  1. Prepare A Schedule

Have a proper schedule for your baby. Be aware of his feeds, sleep, and poops. Don’t let your baby browse at odd timings.

  1. Ensure that Your Baby Burps

Burping is important for every newborn. Burping helps to expel the excess air. So, after feeding your baby keep one hand softly against their stomach. Brush his/her back gently until he/she burps. Burping helps to keep the baby’s digestive system apposite.

  1. Give a Regular Massage

Regular massage is an excellent way to improve the baby’s blood circulation. The best way to give your baby a massage is by putting a small amount of body lotion or oil and stroking it to his/her body gently and circularly. The best time to give your baby a massage is before bath time.

  1. Keep Your Pets Away From Your Newborn

Pets are special. But it is advised to keep your pet away for at least 30 days of your newborn. Pets may unknowingly hurt the newborn which develops rashes and other uncontrollable problems.

  1. Give Your Baby Your Time

Everything will be new for the newborn. It is advised that parents should spend plenty of time with their newborns. Try to get familiar with their daily activities. When you spend too much time with your newborn you develop good psychological relationships with them.

  1. Toys are Good But Too Many Toys are Not

Being a parent you must have bought some twee toys for your baby. But you should avoid giving too many toys to your newborn. One toy made of cotton is enough for your newborn. Cotton toys are safe for babies. Cotton will not hurt your baby’s eye or any other body part. 

  1. Don’t Give Your Baby the Food You Eat

Some parents may or may not be aware that a 30 days old baby cannot eat vegetables or fruits. Parents should always give the baby food to their newborn after doctor consultation. Baby’s immune system is not much-developed that they can eat elderly food.

  1. Keep Your Baby in a Warmer Location

Newborn takes time to adopt a new environment. It is better to keep your baby in warmer surrounding to keep them healthy and safe. Newborns tend to get ill quickly if they are exposed to a cooler neighboring.

  1. Don’t Put Anything On Your Baby’s Skin or Body Part

Never put gooey or sticky things on your baby’s skin. It can develop rashes on the baby’s skin. There can be times you see your baby’s body part to be dirty. In such situations use gently boiled water to clean. DON’T use eye drops for your baby’s eyes.

  1. Go for the APGAR Test

APGAR test is performed by the doctor to make sure that the baby is safe. This test is done to check the baby’s pulse, grimace, body movements, and breathing.

  1. Keep a Check on Your Baby’s Weight

Your baby’s weight is the indication of how healthy he/she is.  Most newborns weigh between 2 kgs to 4 kgs. These weights are considered to be healthy. Baby’s generally lose weight during the first week. And it’s normal.

  1. Check Your Baby’s Poop

Your baby’s first poop after birth is called meconium. Meconium looks different from feces because babies absorb too many fluids in the womb. After two weeks this meconium will become normal. Consult your doctor if meconium doesn’t become normal after two weeks.

Above mentioned are the important 25 tips every mom should consider taking care of their 30 days newborn. Keep your newborn healthy, safe, and secure. Be a super mom and take super care of your baby.

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