How to choose the perfect name for your new-born?

Are you looking for the right name for your forthcoming bundle of joy? Choosing the wrong name and putting it on the birth certificate can come with shame and regret later on. Even if you decide to stick with a family tradition, it might not hold relevance down the line, and even the baby can grow up to hate their name.

However, we are here to save you from all the traps. We understand that agreeing on the perfect name for your new-born can lead to a long drawn out discussion between the two parents. Yet, sip a cup of coffee because these tips will help you sail through.

  1. Steer away from passing trends
  2. Classic doesn’t have to be boring.
  3. Scan your family tree
  4. Connect to your culture
  5. Hunt for meanings
  6. Think of the nicknames
  7. Give equal importance to the middle name.
  8. Study the initials
  9. Read it aloud
  10. Be gender-specific
  11. Align it with the stars
  12. Be inspired by a famous personality

1. Steer away from passing trends

It can be quite tempting to follow the trends, especially if you are a fan of a movie star or a sports hero but hold your horses. Before deciding on a name, ask yourself these two questions –

  • Will it tempt the other children at your child’s school to chant it on the playground in a mocking way?
  • Will it stand the test of time?
  • Will your child need to spend a considerable amount of their time daily to spell out their name?

If yes, consider a pass. Here’s a brief list of the names that you definitely shouldn’t choose –

  • Grossly misspelt names
  • Random punctuation that serves no purpose
  • Pop-culture references
  • Word names with a strange spelling twist
  • Hipster names

Yet, should keep an eye open and be aware of the differences between the names that match this list and the names that have a reference to different cultures. If you choose to go with the latter, you can hope that it won’t be frowned upon by future employers.

2. Classic doesn’t have to be boring.

We understand that your child’s name should be unique. It isn’t impressive to share your name with ten other students in the classroom. But when we are talking about going with the classic names, we aren’t talking of just Peter, Paul and Mary. There are plenty of options out there. Some names have been around for centuries but haven’t been used much. Just Google up “vintage” or “classic”, and you will get thousands of search results. The best part is that these names will stay relevant even when your child grows up. Save your kid from the unnecessary trouble of filling out a long name in a form or correcting people time and again.

3. Scan your family tree

Scanning your family tree can yield some very interesting results. There is something special about going for a name that you have grown up to love or one that holds significance or your family.

4. Connect to your culture

Honouring your culture by naming your baby is beautiful. If you carefully research for names that have special significance for your culture, you will come across at least one which you will love.

5. Hunt for meanings

Make sure that you look up the meaning of a name before finalizing it. Otherwise, it can be horrifying to explain it to people. For instance, did you know that the beautiful name “Giselle” actually means hostage?

6. Think of the nicknames

Once you decide the name, sit with your partner and close family members to contemplate on all the possible nicknames that can be made out of it. You don’t want your child to be bullied in school, do you? Spending some time on this will ensure that you don’t overlook any awkward possibilities.

7. Give equal importance to the middle name.

You might decide to go with a middle name if it sits well with the first and last name of your child or you may even choose to honour a beloved family member. The middle name can also be a way of signifying the lineage. Besides, it is also used to represent cultural roots.

8. Study the initials

After deciding a name, it is also crucial to think of the initials. A good idea would be to jot down all the possible names on a sheet of paper and then think of the initials. This will make your life easier once your child starts attending social events.

9. Read it aloud

Make sure that you say your child’s name aloud to yourself before announcing it to the extended family. It should not be harsh on ears, and it should go well with the last name. Does it have a rhythmic flow to it, or does it sound badly put together? Moreover, go online and quickly search whether any sordid personality shared the same name.

10. Be gender-specific

If it is a boy, go with a name that is more suited to a male. What sounds cute right now might become awkward later. However, there are gender-neutral names too. If you want to be more fluid and give you child the freedom to explore its sexuality, you can also go for gender-neutral names.

11. Align it with the stars

If you believe in astrology, an expert can help you in deciding the initial of your child’s name. This will immensely narrow down the options and help you in finding a name that suits them best.

12. Be inspired by a famous personality

Now, this may be a little controversial. Did you have a role model while growing up? You can name your child after him/her as well. Make sure that you take care of geographical and cultural specifications. You should also avoid being too inspired by movies while choosing your child’s name.

The bottom line

Naming your child is a cherished milestone. It requires deep contemplation and deliberation. Regardless of what the other parties say, the parents must be on a common ground first. It is a gift that will stay with your child forever. Starting early is a good idea. That way, you would have decided a name even before the new-born arrives. Get your pen and paper ready, happy naming!

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