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How to put a bodysuit on a newborn?

Baby’s bodysuits are the most popular items on the baby registry for a reason. They are very versatile too.

Winters are approaching, and bodysuits are the perfect no-fuss outfits that you can resort to. It is a breeze to change diapers in them. They are also well suited for umbilical cord care.

To understand the entire process of putting a bodysuit on a newborn, let’s cover everything right from the basics.

A step-by-step guide to dress your baby in a bodysuit

Bodysuits look adorable and will suit every occasion. It is a piece of cake to take them on and off. Whether you are planning for a baby or buying a bodysuit for your newborn, these easy to follow steps will make you comfortable in dressing your kid in bodysuits.

1. Get the bodysuit ready for wearing

Here’s how you can get the outfit ready for the baby

  • Undo the snaps at the crotch.
  • While gently pushing in and pulling out the bottom snaps, pull on the top snaps with your fingers.
  • Once all the three snaps have come apart, position the collar in the same direction as your child’s head.

You are done with step 1!

2. Find the right technique

The two techniques that you can use to dress your baby in a bodysuit are–

  • Over-the head
  • Feet-first

Many parents claim that the feet-first technique tends to make the entire experience less fussy. Yet, it’s you who should decide this.

3. Put the bodysuit on

You can choose the technique you want to go with. Here, we are presenting step-by-step instructions for both –

  • Over the head
  • Put your hands in the garment from the bottom up till you reach the collar.
  • From there, extend your fingers till you reach the expandable leg-shoulder design.
  • Put the bodysuit around the baby’s neck and then give attention to the sleeves.
  • Pull the arms through both the sleeves gently and pull the entire garment down the baby’s body till you reach the snaps.
  • Feet – first
  • Gather and stretch apart both the sides of the lap-shoulder collar to fit your child’s feet inside.
  • Go on pulling the bodysuit over the baby’s legs till you reach the sleeves.
  • Simply pull your baby’s arms gently through both the sleeves and end at the neck area.

The entire process is pretty similar to how we wear bodysuits or rompers. Pretty simple, right?

4. Finish dressing

Since the entire bodysuit is on the baby’s body, snapping the crotch is the only task left. You can do so by matching each of the three snaps together, one-by-one. You will hear a soft clicking sound when you do so.

Just inspect the entire garment and make sure that the entire garment right from the collar and sleeves to the crotch is smooth and ready to wear. Depending on the occasion, you can either pair it up with a pair of pants or leave out the bottom for a peaceful night’s sleep.


Here are answers to your most common queries to simplify the process of buying the right bodysuit for your newborn.

[sc_fs_faq html=”true” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”1. How many bodysuits should you buy?” img_alt=”” css_class=””] Well, there is no one size fits all here, and the exact number really depends on your preference. However here are the factors which can influence your decision – How often are you planning to do laundry? How efficient is your diaper How quickly does your baby grow? Even if you have the best quality of diapers, getting enough for changing twice in a day is a good idea. Besides, bodysuits are versatile, and you are likely to use them for a lot of other things. For instance, they can be used as burp cloths when your baby grows out of them. Yet, don’t go overboard and remember that you may get them as baby shower gifts too. [/sc_fs_faq]

2. How do I know whether my baby will fit into the bodysuit?

This can be especially intimidating if you are expecting a baby. However, there are tons of grow-with-me bodysuits available which feel like a safe choice. Yet, you should be attentive to the varying size charts of every company.

Final Words

We are sure that going through this guide would have made you realize that putting a bodysuit on a newborn is way easier than you think. Practice makes perfect and soon you will be able to change diapers and dresses in no time. Once you get comfortable with bodysuits, there is no going back. Have you ever heard a parent complaint of having way too many baby clothes?

Do you have a suggestion to make this task easier for the new parents? If yes, Ninio would love to hear from you!

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