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How to survive the COVID-19 lockdown with your baby

Parents love their children. No matter which part of the subcontinent you belong to, we understand that the present COVID-19 outbreak has gotten you immensely worried about your little one’s safety. Before we delve into ways to protect your child for the pandemic, you must first understand why your munchkin is so susceptible to developing it. Everyone knows that coronavirus spreads from one individual to another through contact. Particles in your sneezes and coughs can enter someone else’s body through their skin pores, eyes, nose, and mouth. Thus, it is a great deal to protect the little one.

Why are children prone to developing coronavirus?

You see, coronavirus is essentially the flu that has adverse effects on the lungs. News channels across the globe have been flashing news updates on why it is critical to boost your immunity. Yes, thousands of people are indeed dying of coronavirus. But, there is also a considerable chunk of the society that is recovering from the disease. So, what do you think helps them? It is their immune system that can fight against COVID-19 and emerge victoriously. People with chronic health issues, long term illnesses, and compromised respiratory systems are also facing significant problems.

A little child’s immune system takes time to develop. It is the main reason why mothers are told to eat nutritious food when the child is in their womb. The mother’s dietary system is a direct determinant of the nourishment that the bay receives. Even after being born, the mother’s milk is one of the most important sources of vitamins and nutrients for the bundle of joy. With a low immune system, children have been recognized as highly susceptible to coronavirus. Continue reading ahead to find out the top ways of protecting your baby.

How to protect your baby from coronavirus?

  • Wash the clothes with a good disinfectant.

Wash your baby’s clothes with an excellent disinfectant to get rid of any possible particles on his outfit. The little child is curious by nature and reaches out to touch countless objects or crawls endlessly. It is not advised to restrict the child because he needs to explore and feel different textures and perceive colors and sounds. Change his clothes regularly and wash them properly.

  • A good sponge bath can work wonders. 

You cannot let the child remain under running water because he is too small to be able to accept it. So, you should opt for a sponge bath and ensure that the water is neither too hot nor too cold for him. Ensure to add a few drops of skin-friendly disinfectant to the water or the towel. Keep in mind that the child should not catch a cold.

  • Remember to clean his bottle and pacifier. 

The child’s life is incomplete without his bottle and pacifier. Firstly, you should keep separate bottles for milk and water. Then, you must ensure that you clean the pacifier regularly. Though it is meant for the child’s mouth, he may remove it sometimes or drop it on the floor. You have to protect the child from all sorts of viruses and bacteria. It is also a great idea to keep extra bottles and pacifiers at home.

  • Protect your baby from too many touches. 

When you welcome the little life into your home, everyone around you is equally excited. Be it your cousins, parents, or other relatives; everyone wants to hold the baby and adore it endlessly. Though family members feel that it is their way of showing love, you must restrict it immediately. Social distancing is essential not only outside the house but also inside the house. Protect your baby from too many touches. Ask everyone to sanitize their hands before touching the child.

  • Say no to visitors.

Had you promised your friends to introduce them to the little one? Well, it’s time for those promises to wait. Do not welcome visitors into your homes because you have no clue where they have been, what they have touched, or who they have met. They may have contracted COVID-19 and are not showing any symptoms right away. It is time to act wisely and follow all social distancing rules. It is even more necessary when you have a bay at home.

  • Monitor what your child is consuming. 

You must focus on boosting your child’s immunity. While the mother’s milk is most recommended for the little one, it also depends on your child’s age. If he or she has outgrown the age to have mother’s milk, then you can find several other foods and drinks that help to grow the body stronger. Some primary steps would be to remove all sources of passive smoking, following a healthy diet, and exercising regularly. Please do this indoors!

  • Keep the emergency numbers handy. 

Last but not least, keep emergency contact numbers handy. This includes your child’s dedicated doctor and the hospital that knows your child’s medical history. It is also imperative to make a note of your state’s COVID-19 helpline number and find out more about hospitals that have testing and treatment facilities for the same. Please understand that a regular cough and COVID-19 are two different issues, so you must not panic. In the case of coronavirus symptoms, maintain distance from everyone, and head to a hospital for professional advice.

This is a complete guide on how to protect yourself and your child in the present COVID-19 pandemic. Though these three to four months may seem troublesome, lockdown is needed for the greater good. Stay indoors with your family and child for a brighter and confident future!

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