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How to welcome a newborn baby at home?

We wish there was a guidebook on parenting, but sadly there are none when it comes to meeting the unique needs of your newborn baby. Parents always think that their baby is too fragile and precious for this world. Thus, it is only expected of them to sweat over every little detail.

Bringing a newborn baby home from the hospital certainly feels like an important milestone. The world seems to be full of dangers, and you want to shield your baby against all of them. The nine months of pregnancy aren’t just about daydreaming about nicknames but also about arranging all the newborn essentials so that your baby is as cosy as it can be.

niñio is your best friend when it comes to taking care of newborn essentials. These tips will help you prepare your house for the baby.

1. A breastfeeding pack

A breastfeeding pack is often overlooked, but it is one of the most useful things you can put together while arranging newborn essentials. Here is what it can include –

  • Cloth pads
  • Basket
  • Rice sacks to soothe soreness

2. Throw a party

Can you think of a better way to welcome a newborn baby to the house than getting all of your close kin together and hosting a party with cakes and balloons? Since the times are tough, ensure that all the members maintain social distancing and use masks to contain the spread of coronavirus. You can also ask your partner to take a day off from work and help you with the décor and arrangements.

3. Keep a stash of groceries.

Believe it or not, labour is a very messy process, and you are unlikely to get any time to sort out your affairs before you head home. After the newborn baby arrives, you will be caught up with taking care of it. Thus, it is better to buy the grocery in advance.

4. Prepare the pets

Prepare the pets before the newborn baby arrives. It can be a confusing time for them too. Get them accustomed to dealing with a newborn and its scent so that your baby does not face any security threats.

5. Document the moment

We know that many people will argue that it is better to “live in the moment”. Yet, pictures and videos have a special place of their own. They serve as beautiful reminders of the event. Ask someone close to you to click a heap of pictures as your newborn baby first arrives home. You can also appoint a professional photographer for the same.

6. Take care of the older siblings.

The arrival of a newborn baby can be a challenging time for older children too. They might feel left out as the newborn would be showered with all the gifts, and the concentration of parents would be on newborn essentials. It is a fantastic idea to grab a gift for them as well. You can also take them out for ice cream.

7. Treat yourself to a hearty meal.

One of the most significant signs of an important event is the delicious aroma of delectable home-cooked food. Since you will be exhausted after the labour, you can ask someone to cook your favourite dish to refill your energy level.

8. Remember to get some sleep.

Labour is a strenuous process, and there is no doubt about it. When you reach home, you will be tired and should get some rest after enjoying a hearty meal. Ensure that you catch up on all the sleep now, as you are unlikely to enjoy any in the coming days.

9. Baby-proof your home

There is nothing good that can come out of the combination of a newborn baby and sharp-edged glass or metal furniture. Even if it is your favourite item, we suggest you either smoothen the edges or do away with it altogether. Get rid of the breakable items too, to make the home a safer place for the baby.

10. Do not use pillows or blankets.

While putting your baby to sleep, the best way is to swaddle it. Using pillows or blankets can increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The child will feel warm and will blissfully sleep in your arms.

Some tips for the older kids

If they are going to have a newborn baby girl or baby boy in the house, kids are bound to get curious and would want to know some tips and answers to pressing questions.

  • The older sibling should be comfortable in asking any questions before the baby arrives. You can get your kids some books from a library to help them prepare better.
  • The kids can help in assisting their parents, but some critical tasks like bathing the newborn babyshould be limited to the parents only.


1. How to welcome a newborn baby girl?

It can be exhilarating to welcome a newborn baby girl. Here are some tips –

  • Stock up warm and soothing music.
  • Decorate with small flowers and spread some petals at the entrance of the house.
  • Fill the flower vase with some fresh flowers.

2. How to welcome a newborn boy?

While welcoming a newborn baby, be it a newborn baby girl or a boy, the effort is everything.

  • Go for DIY decorations.
  • Get some balloons from the nearest store, blow them and spread them all over the floor to add a pop of colour.

The bottom line

newborn baby means some changes around the house, but they will become an apple of everyone’s eye in no time. The time will fly past, and soon you will witness your kid crying, crawling and even playing hide-and-seek with you. niñio wishes the best for you as you venture on the journey of parenthood.

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