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Parenting in the time of COVID-19? Consider these 6 tips from the WHO

Parenting in the time of COVID-19? Consider these 6 tips from the WHO

The present Coronavirus pandemic has managed to lock down around 42 countries across the globe at once. The World Health Organization has given some easy rules regarding how to protect yourself from the virus. The instructions include regular hand washing, using sanitizers, and social distancing. People must stay at home to avoid contact with others since there is no assurance yet of who may or may not be infected. Since it takes a few days for the symptoms to show and 14 days for the treatment to show results, the world is chaotic. 

Parents are confused about how to ensure their child’s safety and entertainment. While it is easy to keep the adults at home and explain to them the gravity of the situation, it can be particularly challenging to describe the same to the young ones. Moreover, adults are busy with work from home deadlines, but the young ones suddenly do not know what to do. So, continue reading ahead to learn about 6 tips that the World Health Organization has given parents. 

Tip 1- Talk to your child and educate them. 

You must talk to your child regarding the world’s present status. It is wrong to think that they are too young to understand what is going on. You see, hiding facts from children only creates ignorant adults. Though they may take time, they will gradually understand the situation. Make the concepts simpler for them and bring it to a level that they will appreciate. You can use their favorite characters and examples to draw parallels for better understanding. Do you research before you educate them. Verify all your facts and give them a complete picture. 

Tip 2: Use this time to grow closer to your child. 

You are usually swamped with office deadlines and files, leaving you with little or no time to talk to your child and play with them. However, this present pandemic is blissful for you since you can stay at home and spend quality time with your children. Ask them what they have learned in school so far or record the new things your toddler does every day. Engage in how your child is growing and developing. A fun idea is to create a Lockdown Diary with them and help them make notes of their daily activities. This one on one time is crucial to build a strong bond and make your children feel loved. They crave a sense of belonging. 

Tip 3- Monitor their online activities. 

There is no doubt that the present young generation is always hooked to evolving technology. With mobile phones, tablets, and laptops becoming a permanent part of learning, your child has access to the world of the internet. This is where parents need to step in and look after their children’s safety. You must monitor the sites your child visits and who they talk to online. Scammers and fraudsters are always on the lookout for fresh and gullible minds. 

Tip 4- Is it fine to talk to children about money? 

Well, this is a subjective topic. The most crucial factor to consider here is your child’s age. If he or she is a teenager and above, then it is entirely justified and necessary to talk to them about finances. Since the time this lockdown has been imposed, the global economy has suffered significant losses and stumbled back in time. You are not alone to face financial difficulties and job crises. It is helpful to make your child understand the importance of budgeting and money. Guide them on how they can save money, and it will be a lifelong lesson for them. 

Tip 5- Make learning enjoyable with play. 

You may notice your children getting restless at home. However, that does not imply that you allow them to play outside. Even when the lockdown is initially lifted, the COVID-19 threat will persist. You must make learning fun and teach them how they can play productively. You can refer to online sources and get several ideas. Let’s take up an example of two. If you have a young child who is still learning about different colors and textures, you can mix several lentils and gram seeds in a box and then ask them to segregate them. Another variation of this game is to cut out numbers in different fabrics and paste them on cardboard. Let your child feel the texture and number outline. 

Another fun way to make learning enjoyable is through puzzles and number games. Ask them to create stories, draw and paint, sing, and likewise. 

Tip 6- It is up to you to create a positive environment. 

Children are stressed. Adults are worried. Everyone has their share of difficulties in this global pandemic. But it is up to the parents to create a positive environment at home and make this lockdown a fun period for every family member. You can organize games’ nights at home, listen to music together, build pillow forts, cook with your children, draw and paint daily, organize a treasure hunt at home, clean together, and do much more. Depending on what interests you, you can try different DIY ideas at home with old clothes or old furniture pieces. Another important tip is to read positive news daily. While the mainstream media can be quite detrimental for your mental health, use your online resources, and learn how Mother Nature has been healing during the absence of humans. 

These are some of the best parenting tips for WHO to deal with COVID-19. The times may be challenging, but that’s when all you need to come together and fight the battle bravely. And when all of this ends, it will be a memory that no one will forget till they live. Let’s create a secure environment for your child and help each other grow during this difficult phase. 

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