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15 Benefits of Bottle Feeding

Breastfeeding can be difficult. A mother may face issues from maintaining a strict diet to worrying about producing less milk. Bottle feeding is a good alternative when you wish to avoid such problems. Although many sources are claiming that bottle-feeding is unadvisable, there are many benefits to it. You need to figure out as a mother, what works well for you and your baby. Here are 15 benefits of bottle-feeding:

  • Comfortable for the mother

You are breastfeeding, although a natural process drains the mother a lot. Detested bodily changes and constant discomfort is something that you may have to face during breastfeeding. Pains related to the engorgement, cracked nipples, bite marks, and mastitis can cause immense discomfort, especially to a new mother. You can avoid these aches by simply bottle-feeding your baby.

  • Bonding moment with everyone in the family

Some days your husband or parents may wish to have experience with feeding your baby. Bottle feeding allows all the responsible members of the family to have a bonding experience with the baby. It is not always necessary for the mother to be present for every feeding session.

  • You can freely feed in public.

No matter how advanced the society may look, breastfeeding in public is often looked at with contempt. If not, mothers may find it uncomfortable to breastfeed in public and may not find a private place to feed the baby. Bottle feeding is an easy way for mothers who are not comfortable feeding their babies in the public setting. 

  • You can easily track the milk intake.

New ones, mothers, find it distressing when they cannot track how much they have fed their baby. Bottle feeding not only helps you keep track of how many times a day and how much milk the baby has had.

  • You don’t have to be worried if the breast milk supply is low.

Many moms often worry that their baby will be underfed if they don’t produce enough milk. This problem does not arise when the baby is bottle-fed, hence relieving the stress of the mother. It is common for mothers to shift to formula because they cannot produce enough milk.

  • No need to alter the mother’s diet

A breastfeeding mother has to increase her caloric intake by 500-600 calories per day. Additionally, she needs to keep a check on her diet to ensure the baby gets all the nutrients they require. But if you choose to bottle-feed, you do not have to worry about your diet and any medications (pain killers, contraceptives, etc.) you wish to take. 

  • Your health condition will not affect your baby.

If you fall sick during breastfeeding, there are chances that you may pass on the illness to your baby. Bottle feeding ensures that your baby does not fall ill because of your sickness. Additionally, any medications taken at the time will not affect the baby either.

  • Easy to regulate a routine

Once you start bottle feeding, you will be able to determine when your baby feels hungry. This way, you will set a feeding routine for your baby and be prepared in advance for every feeding session with a baby feeding bottle

  • Helps lactose intolerant babies

In rare cases, babies are lactose intolerant and cannot process breast milk or any animal milk. Bottle feeding allows the mother to feed the soy-based milk formula to ensure that they get all the nutrients they need without falling sick.

  • Bottle feeding allows you to have a break.

Being a mother is not an easy task. There are so many things to look after, and sometimes all you need is a break. By bottle feeding, you can rest from the feeding session and give your partner the responsibility. It will allow your partner to bond with the baby and give you needed rest.

  • You can freely enjoy your guilty pleasures.

While breastfeeding, you have to be careful about all your eating habits. Bottle feeding allows you to have that one extra cup of coffee or glass of wine without any worry. Even socializing with friends becomes easy when you have a baby bottle ready to go.

  • Sit through fewer feeding sessions.

A baby can easily digest breast milk. Meanwhile, formula milk takes more time to be digested and processed by the body. It will keep your baby full for a longer time. Hence you will have to sit through lesser feeding sessions.

  • You can choose what to feed the baby.

As a mother, you choose what type of formula you want your baby to have. When bottle-feeding, you can select a procedure that is fortified with iron and is hypoallergenic, etc. This choice helps you add more nutrients to your baby’s milk.

  • It is easier to identify your baby’s needs.

Babies tend to get fussy over any unmet needs. When breastfeeding, it is difficult to determine what is making your baby so grumpy. Is it a stomach ache, diaper rash, or are they just hungry? While you bottle-fed the baby,  you can check why the baby is getting fussy.

  • Baby feeding bottles help in development.

When you bottle-fed a baby, their instincts kick in as they try to grab the bottle. It helps in motor development. Designs on the bottle also enrich the baby’s imagination and cognitive skills. EA free baby feeding bottle is available in our shop! Buy them here.

All in all, bottle feeding is a good alternative for breastfeeding. It is not only for those mothers who cannot produce milk but also for those who wish to find extra time for themselves and their baby.

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