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Why are silicones used for nipples of feeding bottles?

Why are silicones used for nipples of feeding bottles

Feeding bottles are a huge part of the first few years of your baby’s life. Choosing the right bottle is very important. The materials with which baby products are made are just as important as the ingredients that go into their food.

Whether parents choose to buy plastic bottles or glass ones, the nipple or teat that the bottle comes with is of prime concern. A good bottle nipple has the following characteristics-

  • It mimics human skin and provides comfort to the baby.
  • It is supple.
  • It is not too thick to suckle on.
  • It dispenses the right amount of liquid.
  • It is resistant to tear and is durable.

Silicon nipples are the most preferred ones because they have all of these. Let us take a look at why silicones are used to make nipples for feeding bottles.


Silicone is one of the most abundant materials. This is used in many industries because of how adaptable it is. It is no wonder that it is used in making baby products as well.

Bottle nipples that are made of silicone are highly durable. They last for longer than plastic or traditional rubber ones. They do not tear easily. That is why silicone nipples are favored during a baby’s teething phase as well.

Every feeding mother has experienced the sudden pain of a baby biting down on them. Those tiny teeth that are sprouting from the baby’s gums can be sharp. Teats made of flimsy materials can tear easily. But silicone ones do not tear or get damaged as easily as the others. In the same way, the nipple does not develop tears while washing or sterilizing.

Silicone is used in bakeware and heat protection gloves because of its high heat resistance. This resistance to high temperatures helps the silicone nipples to retain their shape even after they are sterilized multiple times. Since they are also free from the chemicals used in the production of plastics, there is no fear of leaching or related diseases.

Silicons age slower compared to the other materials that nipples are made of. You do not have to deal with a yellowing teat if the product is washed and sterilized properly.


The best part about using silicone nipples is their feel or texture. These are soft to touch. Many parents who use silicone nipples for their baby’s feeding bottle have said that they help with the transition to feeding bottles. These nipples are colorless, odorless, and tasteless. They do not absorb or retain the taste of the food. They are smooth on the baby’s tongue. The baby does not recognize them as being vastly different from human skin.

Another positive for teats made of silicone is how smooth it is. This smoothness ensures that your baby can suckle on it without worry. Even if the baby bites it during its teething phase, the silicone nipple does not become rough or develop abrasions easily. Hence, the baby does not get hurt during feeding time.

Silicons are BPA- free and EA-Free

With so much information available at our fingertips, we are more aware of what is good for us and what we should not use anymore. Cheap plastics and rubber teats are a big no because they can leach harmful chemicals into the baby’s food. Just as you choose Niniobaby’s products for your baby because they are BPA and EA free, nipples made of silicone are imperative for your baby’s health.

Products that are not EA or BPA free can lead to many diseases later in life. The chemicals that are found in the bottles made of plastic that is not BPA or EA free, lead to estrogen activity that could cause health problems such as obesity and a high risk of cancer.

Silicones are completely BPA-Free and EA-free, so you need not worry about your baby being exposed to harsh chemicals while feeding. This quality of the nipple makes it hypoallergenic. The baby does not develop any allergies because of the materials used in the feeding bottle. If the nipple is sterilized properly, the chances of your child falling ill from infections are also low.

Supple nature

A baby’s mouth is very sensitive. There are many nerve endings there. You would have noticed how your baby feels new objects using its mouth. Many parents complain that every foreign or new object that their baby sees, goes into the mouth. Now, think of how difficult it would be for your baby to accept something that feels vastly different from a mother’s breast, in the initial days of changing from the mother to a bottle.

This transformation becomes very easy with a silicone nipple. Since it is extremely supple, different kinds of nipples are available. You can choose the one that best suits your needs. Some nipples are designed to make sure that there is no intake or gulping of air when the baby is feeding. Some nipples are designed in such a way that they can adapt to the shape of the baby’s mouth. This is best to avoid nipple confusion.

The shift from mother to bottle is easiest when the nipple resembles a natural one. There are naturally shaped nipples that have a broader base, to resemble a mother’s breast.

These nipples are the most popular because of their tensile strength. They can be bitten or chewed upon without getting easily damaged. Also, as babies like to play with the nipple after feeding, these nipples can be squeezed or pushed in and out and get back in shape.

Ease of use

There are various reasons why silicone nipples are the most preferred choice for many. These nipples are easy to clean. They can be cleaned easily with soap and water. When sterilizing using hot water, silicone nipples do not get disfigured. They are transparent. So, it is easy to see if there are any remnants of baby food. You can also clean the nipple along with the bottle and other accessories in the microwave oven.

These nipples are resistant to oxidization and do not absorb UV rays or ozone. They are biocompatible. They are the safest to use for your baby.

Their wearability makes these nipples the easiest to clean and use, among the ones available in the market. They can be used for a long period, in any climate. They can also be made germ-free easily while traveling.

They are extremely hygienic options for your baby. Even if your baby drops the bottle after or during a feed, the silicone nipple can be cleaned easily before the next use. You do not have to worry about the nipple losing its shape or firmness even if it is washed multiple times.

Best of all, these nipples are sturdy but do not use any harmful chemicals in their manufacturing process. So, it is the best one for your baby.

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