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7 Amazing baby products (bottles) designed for safety

The baby’s bottle plays a vital role in determining that he meets his dietary requirements. When the child is born, he is entirely dependent on the mother’s milk. Gradually, he moves to other edibles. While most mothers breastfeed their children, it sometimes becomes challenging for working ladies to stay home. Either way, the bottle forms an integral part of the baby’s daily life. So, continue reading ahead to learn about seven amazing baby bottles designed for safety. 

  • The signed liquid levels help to know the baby’s consumption. 

Baby bottles must have the liquid level markings for parents to know how much they are feeding the child. Since the little one is new to the world, his immune system will take time to develop. Thus, a healthy diet is the first step towards ensuring that you have a healthy child. Baby bottles are designed not only for milk but also for the water that is imperative to keep your child hydrated. Read the product description carefully to know how hot or cold the liquids can be. Also, you must check the temperature before feeding your child. 

  • Extra grip ensures that the user can hold it longer. 

Instinctively, children like to explore the world around them. Indeed, the little one takes time to develop grip and hold things, but that does not stop him from trying and reaching out to anything that comes near him. Similarly, when you feed the baby with the bottle, a grip helps you as well as the baby. You can hold the bottle for longer, without your hands feeling sweaty or slippery. It also helps you to know that the bottle will not hurt the child. 

  • Let the nozzle be comfortable for the child. 

Initially, the child is accustomed to breastfeeding. A sudden shift to the bottle can be difficult for the baby to adjust to. But that’s where the role of the nozzle steps in. You can find several bottle designs that have a nipple nozzle to stimulate the child to drink the milk. The flexible and stretchy material of the nozzle helps the child to drink easily and faster. The stages of development demand parents and children to keep adapting to new products and tools. Additionally, the nozzle must be easy to clean with a proper venting system. 

  • Can you change the nozzle easily?

Another common problem that parents have often complained about is difficulty in changing the nozzle. Sometimes, the nozzles can be quite complicated. However, Ninio Baby understands that looking after the child must be an experience of learning embellished with joy and smiles. 

  • The tight-lock travel cap keeps the baby full even when outdoors.

How often do you take the child out of the house? Well, if you don’t do it already, then you must begin soon. Though he cannot walk or talk at this stage, he is naturally inclined to different sounds, textures, and colors. The outside world starts his learning process even before he steps into a formal school. But, traveling can be stressful if you do not have proper arrangements to feed him. The tight-lock travel cap baby bottle is the ideal companion to take along because you can securely carry milk and water without worrying about spills. 

  • The transparent design helps you to check if the liquid is clean. 

Another mistake that parents often fail to realize they are making is to buy opaque baby bottles where they cannot see if the liquid inside is clean for consumption. Let’s make it simpler- most often parents out fresh products in the bottle for their child. However, can you expect the same from a caregiver you are hiring? Transparent bottles help you to instantly check that what you are feeding to the baby is clean and hygienic for consumption. 

  • Bright side handles to keep the baby engaged. 

Last but not least, always ensure your baby’s safety with handled bottles. As the child grows, he learns to hold the bottle on his own. Thus, handles help him to hold the cold/hot bottle without harming himself. They can also keep the little one engaged. 

Things to consider when you are buying a baby bottle

  • FeaturesYou must pick a baby bottle that has all the features you need, such as the demarcated liquid levels, a suitable nozzle, an easy to clean vent, and likewise. 
  • DimensionsCheck how big or small the bottle is. It gives you an idea of the liquid it can hold. 
  • Where are you buying it from? You must buy the baby bottle only from a trusted place where they sell licensed and good-quality products only. 
  • Price– Lastly, you must make a budget and look for items accordingly. Though baby products, especially the bottles, can be expensive, you must be a smart buyer. 

The baby bottles mentioned above are of exemplary quality and designed for safety. The little bundle of joy trusts you for complete care and nourishment. Order excellent baby products online and give your child the best!

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