A guide to support babies and toddlers in this covid-19

COVID-19, the global pandemic has put each one of us through hard times leaving us devastated. The most crucial aspect of this virus is that on being infected by it, you may experience mild to excruciatingly painful symptoms, depending upon your health history. While different measures such as self-isolation and lockdown continue preventing this virus from infecting the global citizens, several parents are wondering how they can protect their infants from this virus. Here, we will list out a few points which will be handy tips for all the parents out there.

  1. Take preventive measures 

It is best suggested that you stay at home during the entire course of lockdown. Go out only when necessary, like for grocery shopping or buying other essentials. Make sure that, when one person goes out for shopping, the other stays home with the baby. To ensure that you or your baby doesn’t get affected by COVID-19, wash your hands thoroughly before heading out and wear a mask and wash your hands once you reach back home. 

  1. Clean your home space 

Babies wander around the house, the whole day, touch different toys, and even touch multiple house accessories. Make sure to disinfect your house by deliberately sanitizing your sofas, baby toys, milk bottle, etc. so that your baby is protected at all costs. Create a safe and soothing atmosphere at home so that both, you and your baby remain protected. 

  1. Socialize

It comes as no surprise that the global pandemic has left everyone feeling overwhelming and scared. Make sure to connect with your loved ones in a time like this so that you don’t feel alone. Whenever you need any help, reach out to your neighbors or keep in touch with your near and dear ones through social media. Make sure to browse through different social servicing websites to find parental help. 

  1. Choose the right way of breastfeeding your child 

You must take certain measures to avoid getting infected. While breastfeeding your baby, it is vital that you thoroughly wash your hands. If you’re a victim of the virus, prevent breastfeeding entirely. Furthermore, make sure to wear a mask at all times and avoid going too close to your child as the virus is said to have a very severe impact on babies. 

  1. Hydrate your baby

You and your baby must stay hydrated at all times. Water plays an indispensable role in administering and maintaining the temperature of your body, along with eliminating the waste particles from your body. To add on, it even gathers the compounds and nutrients and transfers them into the blood. Keep your child hydrated throughout the day and give them a proper balanced diet to enhance their immune system. You may even offer different drinks other than water to keep the baby hydrated such as home-made apple juice or coconut water. 

  1. Take care of your mental well-being 

If you’re under severe pressure or are suffering from depression and anxiety, ensure seeking help through online platforms. Understand that your mental health may affect your child. In a scary time like this, taking measures to prevent your mental health from becoming bad is extremely crucial. Practice mindfulness, meditation, gratefulness, etc. Furthermore, take some time out to practice self-love so that you remain calm under all costs. Your health matters extensively in supporting your child.

  1. Routine check-ups 

Make sure to take your baby for routine check-ups. If you’re unable to travel due to certain circumstances, reach out to a reliable online platform. Keeping up with your baby’s vaccinations is a vital element of maintaining your baby’s overall health. Roadmap a strategic plan to ensure that you cover up all the routine check-ups. This is an excruciating time for parents and children. Neglecting critical vaccines at a time like this can be extremely risky, especially if you have a child aged below 2 years. Furthermore, make sure to keep up with the news and follow all the mentioned guidelines to increase your safety measures. 

  1. Do not give your child any junk 

Ensure that you give only healthy fats to your child. Buying junk from outside or anything for that matter in this crucial time is a big no. Unsaturated fats like nuts, olive oil, avocado, butter, corn oils, etc. will help keep your child healthy and nourished. Furthermore, restrict the sugar and salt intake of your child. Put substantially less sugar and salt into your child’s food as you usually do in yours. Add fresh fruits into their diet as well. Avoid chocolates, cookies, brownies, etc. to cut on the sugar levels. You must take every possible measure to ensure the safety and nourishment of your child. Make sure to disinfect different delivery packages that you may receive and avoid bringing them anywhere near your child.

What are the COVID-19 symptoms that you must watch out for? 

According to experts- toddlers, and babies, if infected by the virus, experience mild symptoms such as the flu. However, in rare cases, the baby might not experience any symptoms and might still be positive with COVID-19. The most common symptoms of COVID-19 include- cold, cough, sore throat, muscle pain, diarrhea, pneumonia, nausea, vomiting, fever, etc. Babies may also develop critical symptoms after a week of experiencing mild symptoms. These include- shortness of breath, organ failure, low oxygen saturation, blue lips, white fingernails, enhanced heart rate, etc. 

If you notice any such symptoms in your child, seek immediate help!

To sum up, 

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