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How to take care of your baby bib?

The four Bs that every parent needs to take care of our – bottles, bodysuits, blankets, and bibs. Ninio has you covered when it comes to the best feeding bottles for babies. But the variety of baby bibs may be perplexing. Read this article to learn about the types of baby bibs and tips for taking care of bibs to become a maestro in no time!

Types of baby bibs

Most of us would be aware of the standard baby bibs. Remember that round cloth garment that was fastened around the neck and kept a baby’s clothes clean? Well, that remains useful as ever; but there are a lot more types on the shelves now. To know the right fit for your cutie, let’s make ourselves aware of the basic characteristics of each type.

  1. Drool bib

They are the right fit for babies who haven’t made it to the solid food stage yet. Besides, they are very comfortable and can be worn indoors as well as outdoors. You will be amazed by the amount of laundry work it will reduce for you by making sure that your baby doesn’t drool all over its fresh clothes.

  1. Feeding bibs

God only knows how messy it gets when babies graduate to baby food. Keep your kitchen floor free of those bits and pieces by using a feeding bib. The top of it looks like any other regular bib but the bottom has a pocket sewn into it. The food crumbs and liquids will fall into this pocket and save you from a ton of household chores.

  1. Smock bibs

You cannot go wrong with this one. They are worn pretty much like a shirt and are foolproof with their long-sleeves. They can be your saviour when you want to dress your baby in fancy clothes or whites. They can also be your go-to option if you are heading to a restaurant or a get-together at someone else’s place. They might seem a bit bulky at first but their open back saves the day.

  1. Disposable bibs

Now, these might not be very practical for everyday use. Yet, if you forget your bib or are on a vacation where you can simply throw away anything messy, a disposable bib is a good choice.

Best bibs by age group

Let’s simplify this even more for you by stating which bib will be ideal for which age group.

  1. If you are nursing a newborn, a drool bib will be the best choice till 6 months of age.
  2. Kids aged anywhere between 4 to 6 months will find feeding bibs more comfortable.
  3. We don’t really suggest smock bibs for newborns. However, once your child starts eating solid food, they can be a good choice too.

How to take care of your baby bibs?

Though baby bibs are supposed to reduce your laundry load, cleaning them in itself may become a tough task. Honestly speaking, we have seen far too many new parents sweating themselves out over properly cleaning a baby bib in the first few years of a baby’s life. So, to make your life simpler, here are a couple of tips that will help you sail through.

  1. Read the label carefully

Consider your work half done once you carefully go through the label of the baby bib. It often states some useful advice that will help you in picking the right detergent and the washing method.

Moreover, the best bibs even go so far as to state the maximum temperature of the water and the drying procedure so that your bibs stay vibrant as ever. You don’t really want to dress your baby in a faded bib, do you?

  1. Pre-treat the stains

Greasy food can leave stubborn stains. Besides, babies love playing and getting themselves dirty.

  1. How can you get rid of the stains on the baby bib?
  • Pre-treat the stains by using a spray-stain remove directly on the affected area.
  • Next, gently rub the stain with an old toothbrush.
  • Allow it to soak into the fabric.

Now, wash it off, and voila! Your bib will be as fresh as ever.

  1. Soak the bib overnight

Now, there are greasy stains and then there are stains which seem Satan sent and absolutely impossible to remove. Well, fret not because we have a solution for those too.

  • Soak the bib overnight in a mixture of one-part water and one-part diluted vinegar.
  • Wash it off in the morning.

The vinegar and water mixture will loosen the stain and make it incredibly easy for you to wash it off the next morning. This method is useful for stains resulting from breast milk, grass formula milk and spits.

  1. Choose a baby-friendly detergent

Make sure that you have a careful look at the composition of the detergent before adding it to your shopping cart.

Your ideal baby-friendly detergent doesn’t contain –

    • Bleach
    • Material softeners
    • Dye fragrances

The skin of your baby is extremely sensitive so you need to keep your eyes open while  choosing a detergent for the baby bib.

  1. Do not use hot water for washing the stains on the baby bib

Throughout our lives, we have been raised to believe that hot water makes it a piece of cake to remove tough stains. However, it isn’t true in the case of baby bibs. The hot water cooks the proteins in the stains and further spreads them instead of cleaning them.

As we mentioned earlier, a lot of the bibs have the right temperature of water mentioned on their labels. To make sure that the material of the bib doesn’t shrink or expand, use cold water or water at the recommended temperature for washing off the stains.

Wrapping up

Baby bibs come in a variety of options. You should decide the best one for your baby only after scrutiny and once you do, make sure that you take the utmost care of your kid’s favorite ones. Feel free to reach out to Ninio Baby whenever you have a query. That’s just what we are here for!

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