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Why organic cotton is better for babies?

Why organic cotton is ideal for babies

A baby’s skin is very sensitive and prone to allergies. Keeping this in mind, everyone chooses the softest clothes for babies. Muslin and cotton are the best choices for baby clothes, but have you wondered if you are choosing the right cotton for your baby?

Universally, cotton, especially organic cotton, is one of the most recommended fabrics for use in any material manufactured for babies. Babies must be comfortable with their clothes every day. Also, in the various types of accessories that are used for babies like car seats and strollers, they have to be made out of the best possible materials to avoid causing discomfort.

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So, why do we prefer organic cotton over other materials?

1) Environment friendly

Cotton that is certified as organic cotton is produced according to organic agricultural standards. This type of production uses natural processes instead of artificial inputs to sustain the health of the soils, ecosystems, and people. It does not involve the use of toxic chemicals or genetically modified organisms.

These days, even some diaper companies like Huggies offer organic cotton diapers. Since these fibres are produced organically, they leave minimal impact on the environment, when disposed of, as they are fully biodegradable.

These natural textiles do not leave toxic residue unlike other fabrics or disposable diapers that are harmful to the soil and water.

2) Hypoallergenic

A baby’s skin is quite different from that of an adult. It is more porous and absorbent, making it more sensitive to the surroundings than that of an adult. This means that the harsh chemicals used in producing clothes and other baby products can lead to allergies and affect your baby’s health.

Using organic cotton for baby products is necessary as most other types of material are unsuitable for babies. Organic cotton is a fibre of natural origin and is free of chemicals. Synthetic fabrics and fabrics made of other materials like polyester are not recommended for babies.

Polyester fabrics and garments made of these are geared towards adults and sports use. They are prone to more humidity in the hotter climates, which may cause rashes in babies. The cotton fabric that is not produced using organic methods also uses many chemicals in process, and dyes that are harsh on the skin.

Organic cotton products have moderate UV protection and antibacterial properties that make them ideal for medicinal use even. This makes it one of the safest fabrics for use in baby clothing. Clothes are in constant contact with the baby, even finding their way into the mouth more often than not. Since organic cotton fabrics are chemical-free, they prevent the ingestion of harmful chemicals present in other fabrics.

Other materials sometimes contain hormone-disrupting chemicals that can be absorbed through the baby’s skin. This could prove harmful in the long run.

3) Comfort

Cotton is well known to improve sleep and provide relaxation. Clothes made of organic cotton fibres stretch well and are pleasant to wear next to the skin. Organic cotton provides a host of advantages and benefits which warrant their use in baby clothing and garments.

Baby skin is prone to skin irritation, dryness, chafing, and rashes. Fabric made of organic cotton is soft and does not rub against the skin as aggressively as other fabrics. Thus, it does not cause irritation and chafing of the skin of the baby.

Cotton fibres allow free circulation of air, which does not allow the formation of fungus. This air circulation also allows it to maintain adequate temperature by preventing perspiration and allowing the skin to breathe. Being highly absorbent by nature, it wicks away any moisture on the skin, while also providing insulation against cold, keeping the baby comfortable.

4) Durability

Garments made from organic cotton are of superior quality and are easy to clean while being more durable and not fluffing away like those made of other fabrics. They can be put through several wash cycles; they tend to last longer as compared to those made from other materials. Organic cotton fibres have the advantage of being more durable than other kinds of cotton. This is because chemically produced cotton has thinner and more stressed fibres.

Organic cotton fabrics also allow for washing at higher temperatures in hot water without deformation and discolouration, for sterilization purposes. This is instrumental in protecting the baby against infections.

Diapers made of organic cotton have a longer life than others, as the fibres are stronger, and can withstand multiple washes. These are also a great choice because they do not chafe the skin as disposable diapers do. There are no harmful gels or chemicals in cloth diapers. This makes them safer for your baby.

5) Superior quality

Organic cotton is produced using the most stringent measures. Farmers use natural fertilizers, manufacturers use natural dyes, and they are handled with utmost care. The fibres are thus strong. Therefore, the fabric is better than the ones that undergo various artificial chemical processes. This simply means that you are choosing the best material that is available in the market.

Let’s Sum It Up

Taking all these factors into account, paying a higher price for organic clothes is a sensible option (niñio offers 100% Certified Organic Hooded Towel and Baby Bib). Since clothes made of organic cotton come at a higher price, we would also suggest that you choose the items of clothing that are made of this material.

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