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What are the advantages of bottle feeding?

What are the advantages of bottle feeding?

Bottle feeding is an alternative option for breastfeeding. Some new moms are unable to breastfeed or want to provide formula milk along with breastfeeding. In fact, some moms even feed breast milk through feeding bottles. Going through the advantages of bottle feeding will help you analyze whether it would be the right choice for you and your baby too.

Here’s a list of the advantages of bottle-feeding – 

  1. Bonding opportunity for both the parents
  2. Can be comfortably done in public
  3. Makes keeping track easy
  4. You don’t need to worry about your baby being under-fed
  5. You can eat whatever you like
  6. Suitable for lactose intolerant babies
  7. Mother’s health doesn’t affect the baby
  8. Less frequency
  9. More comfortable
  10. No trial and error
  11. Super cute accessories
  12. You can choose what to feed your newborn
  13. Doesn’t interfere with your private life
  14. It can regulate your body faster
  15. Happy lovemaking


  1. Bonding opportunity for both the parents

Breastfeeding largely confines the task of feeding to the mother, leaving the dad bereft of the opportunity to connect with the baby during this crucial process. However, the case is different with bottle feeding as both the parents can feed the baby. The siblings and other family members can also get to spend some precious moments with the beloved new member of the family.

  1. Can be comfortably done in public

Despite the repeated attempts by the feminist groups to get rid of the culture of shaming breastfeeding in public, some new moms are still hesitant with the idea. Everyone has the right to choose, and if you don’t want the hassle of searching for a private spot at a public place or feeling shy every time you need to feed your baby in public, bottle feeding is a good alternative.

  1. Makes keeping track easy

It is not always easy to keep a track of the daily milk intake of the baby during breastfeeding. However, bottle feeding makes it easier to measure it. This will immensely help in keeping a tab on the nutrients the baby is getting daily.

  1. You don’t need to worry about your baby being under-fed

Insufficient breast milk supply is a cause for concern for many new moms. If you are one of them and still want to make sure that your baby gets the nourishment it deserves, you should resort to bottle feeding without any hesitation.

  1. You can eat whatever you like

While breastfeeding, even the mother needs to take care of her dietary intake. This often means eating additional fruits and veggies. If you are not a fan of these and want the freedom to eat and drink whatever you wish; bottle feeding can be a saviour.

Caffeine, alcohol and calories also become more flexible. On average, nursing moms are advised to take in 500 calories per day. This can become a hindrance in weight loss.

  1. Suitable for lactose intolerant babies

If your little one is lactose intolerant, feeding formula milk, such as soy protein, can be wiser than breastfeeding or feeding animal milk.

  1. Mother’s health doesn’t affect the baby

Unfortunately, if the mother falls ill after childbirth or faces health issues that prevent her from breastfeeding, bottle feeding saves the day.

  1. Less frequency

Babies who are breastfed need to be fed every two to three hours keeping moms on call all the time. However, formula milk takes longer to digest. Also, other family members have the liberty of helping you out. Thus, your body can get the rest it deserves.

  1. More comfortable

Breastfeeding often comes with physical issues like engorgement of breasts, cracked and bitten nipples and mastitis. Bottle feeding can be more comfortable for you in this regard.

  1. No trial and error

No one wants a fussy baby, and having one can lead parents to an endless cycle of overthinking regarding what went wrong with the mother’s diet in case of breastfeeding. Was it the onion this time, or the tomato sauce? Save yourself from the blame game and frustration and enjoy your parenthood fuss-free.

Moreover, it also becomes confusing to keep a check on your baby’s emotions. With bottle-feeding, it is easier to determine whether the baby is fussy because it is tired, or it is hunger which is keeping it up at nights.

  1. Super cute accessories

C’mon. let’s admit it once and for all. Baby accessories are adorable, and all of our hearts have skipped a beat while looking at them. Bottle-feeding allows you to shop for more of those! Though this excuse might seem lame to some, ask the shopaholics at the back, please!

  1. You can choose what to feed your newborn

There is no shortage of formula milk options out there, and you can go for the one that suits your baby the most. There are hypo-allergenic options too.

  1. Doesn’t interfere with your private life

Whether it be cosying up with your partner or heading out on a Friday night with your buddies, you can live your best life and still be a doting mom. The dietary freedom, and the overall flexibility and relaxation that bottle-feeding provides lets moms explore their lives too. Happy moms raise happier children!

  1. It can regulate your body faster.

If you are planning on having more children, bottle feeding can be a good option. It will regulate your body quicker, and you will be ready to flaunt that baby bump again!

  1. Happy lovemaking

Breastfeeding can interfere with lovemaking. Lactation comes with a lot of hormonal changes which can leave the vagina dry. Moreover, it can also lead to sore and leaky nipples. Bottle feeding lets you connect with your partner without giving these impediments a thought.

Also, with breastfeeding, you can only go for those birth control measures that are not harmful to the baby. You don’t need to worry about it while bottle feeding and you can choose the method which suits you and your partner the most.

In a nutshell

While the advantages of bottle feeding are numerous, everything comes down to the preferences of the mother. Many moms decide to go for breastfeeding before delivering the baby, but circumstances make them go for bottle-feeding afterwards. While supplementing breastfeeding with bottle feeding may sound optimum for some.

If you are sure that bottle feeding is the way to go, Ninio Baby has one of the best accessories to aid you with it. Besides, we can also resolve any queries that you may have in this regard.


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